Benefits of working smarter with MMS...

  • better cash flow
  • increased profitability
  • higher realization rates
  • lower overhead
  • information at your fingertips
  • increased security
  • more time for patient care

Better cash flow

Clients benefit from increased cash flow generated by our faster turnaround time. Typically, it takes medical billing firms 60-90 days from receipt of claim information to physician payment. MMS delivers in 30-45 days.

Increased profitability

MMS clients increase profitability by 30-40% on average. Our proven systems, technology, staff expertise, and dedication to our clients' success allow us to help you work smarter, not harder.

Higher realization rates
Our large pool of medical billing specialists allows us to tenaciously pursue underpayments and improperly rejected claims. As a result, our payment realization rate is 20-25% higher than industry standards. Consequently, our clients realize striking increases in revenue.

Lower overhead
Convert fixed costs into variable ones. Eliminate the expenses of maintaining an in-house medical billing operation: the purchase and upgrade of billing software and the cost of personnel, including training and benefits.

Information at your fingertips

Dashboard reporting allows you to see every step of the revenue cycle for complete control and visibility of your operation. You will be able to set benchmarks and measure performance in order to enhance it.

Increased security
Information security is of the utmost importance, and MMS has taken every measure to ensure that both our staff and our technology infrastructure are of the highest integrity. All information is 128-bit encrypted to ensure complete privacy.

More time for patient care
You're in the business of patient care and healing. You shouldn't have to spend your time tracking down correct coding initiatives or the latest insurance carrier's rulings just to get paid. Your time is valuable and your personal time precious. With the right tools and support, you don't need to sacrifice your patients' care or your quality of life to realize a successful practice. Let MMS show you how to work smarter, not harder.