Emergency Medical Services

Profitable solutions for EMS providers

Dwindling departmental budgets and increasing demands on services are putting pressure on fire chiefs and EMS administrators to increase revenue and reduce costs wherever possible.

MMS offers fire and EMS service organizations a cost-effective alternative to ambulance billing and revenue recovery through our ASP billing and revenue cycle management solutions. Our services are designed to increase reimbursement and collections while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

MMS has been serving the unique needs of EMS providers for over 25 years by providing...

  • Increased EMS revenue—on average our clients increase revenue 20% over other companies or in-house billing
  • dedicated EMS billing specialists who are Certified Professional Coders (CPC)
  • electronic integration with most popular patient-care-records (PCR'S) software systems to eliminate the need to forward paper PCR's, speeding the billing process
  • dashboard management reports available on-line and in real time
  • electronic submission for Medicare/Medicaid and commercial insurance
  • fully integrated solution with Image Trend pre-hospital field-data collection and reporting EMS Field Bridge to create seamless and accurate billing data
  • unmatched customer service from expertly trained staff
  • assistance with public relations for first-responder billing

Gain control of your revenue

MMS automates the billing process so you can get paid on time, the first time. Our intuitive software features keep claims from slipping through the cracks, speed up collections, and generate powerful business analysis and productivity reports. We monitor claims for errors and reduce receivable turnaround times to help you maximize your cash flow.

At MMS we aim to exceed performance benchmarks for our clients to ensure their success. Our reporting system provides a dashboard view for management to identify current trends, projections, and variance against goals. You'll be able to monitor and measure key revenue indicators (KRI) to better manage your operation. Vital information is always at your fingertips.

Increase funding

MMS will help your department promote a public awareness campaign explaining the benefits of a third-party revenue-recovery program. We also act as intermediary handling all questions and concerns between the patient and the ambulance service.
MMS can also help you receive reimbursement for other emergency services that you may provide. Many MMS clients are now receiving reimbursement of expenses for emergency responses related to incidents such as fire and hazardous materials.

With over 25 years experience in EMS billing and technology, we can improve your bottom line. Contact us for a free assessment on how to increase your department's revenue.

Data Capture MMSM has developed a fully integrated solution with Image Trend's pre-hospital field-data collection and reporting software to create seamless and accurate billing data.