Electronic Medical Records

The time is now
The solution is a hosted EMR

Industries around the world have embraced information technology (IT), successfully integrating it into their business models as a powerful way to foster growth, enhance interconnectivity, and bolster the bottom line. Yet many healthcare providers have been hesitant to implement EMR and other IT tools because of expense and implementation interruptions.

There is a solution

You can benefit from Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records (EMR/EHR), ePerscribing, and other technologies and let MMS take care of the required IT infrastructure, implementation, maintenance, and support. You'll dramatically reduce the purchase price for an industry-leading system through MMS hosted EMR. Plus, you'll benefit from EMR features such as automating prescriptions, lab orders, and chart notes; and eliminate transcribing costs while benefiting from our revenue cycle management reporting. All without the hassles and costs of traditional EMR solutions!

A hosted EMR through MMS simplifies and reduces the cost of EMR

MMS is neither a software vendor nor a hardware manufacturer; we deliver genuine objectivity and vast experience in the practice management and healthcare IT industry. You'll benefit from our IT expertise as well as our experience at mastering the complexity of billing requirements, third-party payer relations, and revenue cycle management. You can leverage this expertise to elevate your practice to full IT utilization and practice management at virtually a fraction of the cost of owning your own system. That means working smarter, not harder.

EMR Key Features Cost reduction is a big benefit of ASP EMR/EHR, but outsourcing is designed to deliver multiple levels of value beyond that of initial cost reduction...